You’re not sure whether to opt for contemporary architecture or historical environments; why not choose both? The office and retail spaces at BRICKS Berlin Schöneberg are cutting edge whilst honoring the past. They are as diverse as the tenants themselves; office suites, design bureaus, an elementary school, retail, restaurants, a fitness studio. The space available can cater to a multitude of needs and functionalities. In essence, the complex provides a productive environment for all those organizations which place a high value on a well-balanced and open habitat.


Live in a quarter that enhances the surroundings. Living in BRICKS Berlin Schöneberg dovetails unique architecture with everything you need at your fingertips. The residential building in Hauptstrasse offers 107 apartments from one to five rooms, with most of them studios. The residential building in Belziger Strasse accommodates 20 apartments.

Should you be interested to rent an apartment, please send us an email at The apartments in Belziger Strasse will be available as of February 2019 and those in Hauptstrasse as of July/August 2019.


Please find here an overview of vacant rental spaces for residential, office and commercial uses. Further information can be found in the respective short exposés. If you are interested, we look forward to receiving your message via the email inquiry form. We are happy to answer your specific questions about the rental object and rental prices.

Since the apartments are gradually being let, the exposés are only gradually available here. If you are interested in renting an apartment, please send an email to residential[at] The apartments in the Belziger Straße will be rented from 02/2019, those in the Hauptstraße from summer 2019.

01Existing Building, Hauptstrasse 27 | Building # 6Courtyard # 2 | ground floor + gallery and basementCulinaryapprox. 691,21 m2refurbishment, industrial chic, former boiler house, backyard location, approx. 70 m² outdoor space